This morning as I opened the door of ARNI It was with a mix of anticipation and worry… last night when I left the shelter I had given one of our new rescues, “Roo” fluids and had tried to get her to eat something, with no luck.

We had rescued her 4 days ago, looking like no more than a bag of bones and unable to stand, yet still wagging her tail. I feared the worst when I opened the door to her room and was immediately greeted with Roo actually standing up! Another victory in the war to save those animals that everyone else deemed “hopeless” and “unadoptable” and slated to be destroyed.

The ARNI Foundation is a no kill animal shelter located in Daytona Beach FL, we rescue animals from around the country and even around the world. We have been called the St. Jude of animal rescue organizations because we focus on those animals that are “lost causes” that no other shelter or group will save.

We rescue only those animals that are going to be destroyed at kill shelters, and cruelty and abuse cases. We have been doing rescues for more that 15 years and have rescued more than 20,000 animals to date.Some of our “special” missions have included our recent rescue and transport of 18 dogs from Sochi, Russia. We have also rescued over 40 animals from Superstorm Sandy and 73 from hurricane Katrina. Puppy mills and special medical needs have also filled our doggie “rooms” and “catopia”.

All in all, the shelter usually houses about 100 animals at a time and about the same number of adoptions per month.Animal rescue has been my passion for my whole life, with many jobs in between to help support all the 4 legged friends.

When I met my husband 4 years ago I was a bit nerveous to take him on a “rescue” mission, knowing how difficult it can be to see such sadness and to leave any behind. My husband- Rusty and I-Nikki, headed to rural Palatka FL on a cold winter day. Most of the dogs at the shelter were going to be destroyed today because there was going to be a freeze tonight.

I knew we had to rescue as many as possible and my pickup truck was piled high with cages. When we got there we rescued a mommy dog and her 8 puppies, 4 sick puppies, 2 beagles, a shepherd and a rat terrier, as well as 4 mommy cats and their babies. One lone kitten was left and my husband said he would hold him for the drive back to the shelter. It didn’t take long for him to name the kitten “Tuna” and for the kitten to settle on Rusty’s shoulder and fall asleep.

The next day Rusty returned to Califonia, as he splits his time between the west coast and Florida. He never failed to ask about “tuna” and 2 weeks after we rescued him my husband told me to bring him to California…. The rest is history and “Tuna” is now joined by “mackerel”. And we converted another animal lover into a soldier for the ARNI foundation.

The more time we spent in the shelter the more money we would spend on animal products. Cat trees for the cat room, dog bowls, leashes, toys, and more!!! One day I was complaining to my husband that the cat trees we kept buying for the cat room were sooo expensive and we would throw them out after a month because the cats would destroy them, fleas loved to breed in them, and they were filthy!

Rusty and I both though there had to be better products out there! We were wrong. There were cardboard houses- messy! , carpet- unsanitary!, and wood-cost a fortune! We decided to design and make our own pet products and ARNI says was born!

If we could design products for dogs and cats that could survive a shelter environment- basically they had to be indestructible, totally cleanable, and of course look great, then cats and dogs everywhere would be happy and healthy!ARNI says creates cat and dog furniture, collars and leashes, and more. We have tested all our products on our animal “team” at the shelter- not always the best behaved bunch! As well as getting the vet stamp of approval.

You can see the cat products on the kitty kam in catopia on the ARNI says website.ARNI says products are different because of the design, durability, quality, and ability to be completely sanitized. What really sets us apart though is the fact that 100% of ALL profits go back to the shelter so we can rescue more animals.

You buy a cat bed for your kitty and we have the ability to rescue a kitty at a kill shelter that is going to be destroyed. The money from a kitty kasa bed or gym or recreation module goes directly towards providing medicine, surgeries, spay/neuter, and shots for a rescue kitty.More products are on the way including a new litter box, dog collar and leash, bed and more…..

Thanks from the ARNI team and Rusty and Nikki!!